High-Impact Workshops

Over the years, Organization Insight has been asked to design and conduct high impact, yet brief, workshops to help individuals and their teams to manage their complex challenges more effectively. These half-day workshops are our most popular offerings:

Personal Change

 Emotional Intelligence
at Work

Taking Care
of Ourselves

Building Resilience,
Avoiding Burnout


Developing our Selves and
our Teams Through Art

Sustaining Personal Change:
Emotional Intelligence at Work

Sustaining a personal change too often feels like a new year’s resolution. We say we are committed to something important to us, but by mid-January we fall back into the same old habits. In this workshop participants learn the main obstacles to sustainable personal development and create a pathway to overcome their own resistance. By the end of the session, participants:

  • Understand why individuals do not sustain the changes they claim to be committed to making
  • Develop insight into ‘resistance to change’ and how to work effectively with their own resistance
  • Are better able to sustain personal change based on the goals they set

Taking Care of Ourselves:
Building Resilience, Avoiding Burnout

Most organizations and professionals who work in them have been operating at hyper-pace over the past few years, with multiple priorities and challenges. It can be both exciting and exhausting. The pace of change is not expected to slow down, but how we manage ourselves is something we can control. By the end of this session, participants:

  • Learn practical tools and mindsets to help them become more personally resilient
  • Understand how to avoid burnout by recognizing the signs and what actions to take for themselves and for the people they lead
  • Build deeper relationships with other individuals experiencing similar challenges

Seeing Differently:
Developing our Selves and our Teams Through Art

Many of us are dealing with personal or professional challenges that are easier to avoid than to address. In short, we are so emotionally tied to these challenges that it’s hard to see them clearly. In this workshop participants use visual art to see themselves and their challenges in new ways and find new pathways to overcoming these challenges. By the end of the session, participants:

  • Deepen their insight into a personal &/or professional challenge through art
  • Gain new perspective about how to work through their challenge
  • Develop compassion for, and community with, the teams they work with
  • Improve their ability to observe and describe their environment more closely