Robert Goldberg
Managing Partner

Robert Goldberg founded Organization insight in 1998 and serves as managing partner. Rob has a long and successful track record designing and facilitating a wide variety of organizational and leadership development processes and programs. He is often asked to work on interpersonally complex and sensitive projects at senior levels. Rob is considered a dynamic facilitator, with an extraordinary capacity to learn and manage complex projects quickly. Rob earned his MBA in organizational psychology from City University of New York.


Stephanie Lischke brings a deep and wide toolkit to her work in leadership and organizational development. With over 20 years of experience in both industry and consulting, her experience ranges from implementing HR selection and performance management processes, to organizational assessment, leadership development curriculum design, and facilitation. Stephanie holds an MS in Conflict Management, and is Principal Consultant at Positive Developments.

Mary Manoogian

Mary Manoogian brings a wealth of experience managing organizational change in leadership roles. She led sales growth and process change initiatives prior to applying her skills to executive and team coaching and leadership development design and facilitation. Mary is an organizational psychologist with an MA in Change Management from Columbia University, Teachers College and is a PCC certified coach through the International Coaching Federation/ICF. She serves as principal at Sigma Group Coaching, LLC.

Glenn Newsom
Glenn Newsom specializes in working with mid-career, senior leaders who are striving to take their leadership skills to the next level. Glenn’s leadership development philosophy emphasizes the importance of leaders understanding leadership science and implementing the skills and strategies that accelerate professional success. Glenn is a psychologist with a Ph.D. from UNC Greensboro, and serves as principal partner at Pilgrimage Professional Development.
Karen Boylston

Karen Boylston draws from her 25 years of strategy execution & executive development consulting experience (Duke CE, BCG, CCL) to help organizations successfully execute business strategy through alignment of structure, culture and people – particularly senior leaders and executive teams. Karen brings a systematic approach to the design and implementation of strategy alignment/execution, culture change, and leadership development. Karen is the founder and president of Boylston Strategic Leadership. She is a licensed I/O psychologist, with a Ph.D. from the University of South Carolina.

Peter Hazelrigg

Peter Hazelrigg adds value to organizations through executive coaching, customized professional training programs, and assessment services that increase organizational impact. Over the past ten years his coaching clients have come from a variety of backgrounds including corporate, health care, higher education, non-profit, and religious organizations. Peter’s assessment for development approach offers leaders a blend of insight, skill development, and leadership science. Peter is a principal partner at Pilgrimage Professional Development, Inc., and has earned Masters degrees in both counseling and divinity studies.

Becky Edmunds

For over 20 years, Becky has provided organizations with comprehensive organizational development services, including executive coaching, talent management, team and leadership development and strategic change management. Becky’s system-wide initiatives improve senior team interaction and build effective leadership at all levels. Becky completed post-graduate coursework in counseling and adult development from the University of Maryland, accompanied by a Master’s degree from The University of Virginia. 

Jim Shields

Jim Shields has been working with executives “at the threshold” for over 30 years.  These leaders find the requirements of successful leadership have shifted, requiring not only new skills and new ways of working, but also new ways of thinking and different ways to build cohesion and trust.  Jim works with teams and individuals to forge a new equilibrium after disruption.  Jim has a divinity degree from McCormick Seminary, and is the principal partner at LeaderCore.